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New York – Paris: same PTSD?

Sign language.

Bonsoir New York, Ciao America.

Since a couple of years I am personally engaging with spreading PTSD awareness, in the aftermath of Paris attacks (january and november 2015). In a certain way, 11/13 was our 9/11. Thou my personal one didn’t show up in the news, cos of cover up (not saying it all here, blaming it’s not my purpose, really).

In my case, I lost my job, and health, in next 6 months, with anxiety, and panic attacks, avoiding, hypervigilance, tachycardia, tremors, sleep burn out and emotional break down. Yes, I was a mess, but very few people could see that it was happening. Definitely, I have been very lucky and reached out for good help from the best professionals I could find on my way. Not all the people I know, who were close to what I lived had the same journey. Most of us who shared the same “circumstances” had to change their lives and take our health in charge, both physical and mental. Stress can manifest in your body years later. Yes, I also went through surgery at my stomach due to stress two years later. Today I am finally getting a steady position at a new service. And I am a totally transforming in a New Person. You can check my page About Me. It’s not only physical, of course. But mostly mental, Mindset and Consciousness.


Where was I in 2001? At work, in Italy, in a software house, as assistant and front office. My first dramatic reaction concerned symbolic meaning, that was the very first time that US were under threat and touched directly at home. Beacause we are humans, my second thought went to my date, I had a plan with my future boyfriend, who also worked with me, as software developer technicien, and he declined our pizza date for that evening. I felt quite upset lol

Whilst the twin towers were melting and falling, my hopes and dreams of a brilliant future in couple were also fading away.

Nervertheless, tonight I take the opportunity to send a message in a bottle to America: you have been through traumatic events so far, rampage shootings and terror attacks, from Bernardino and many others, you are celebrating 20 years soon, from that 9/11, if people, unlike me (this time), went through medical treatments they might go through a sort of “awakening” right in these days. Be prepared. It might be an explosive cataclysm of your Soul.

Keep it up.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author

** Please, be aware of triggers **

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