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About Me – Storytime.

You wouldn’t recognize me through 2017 – 2018, I went from grey silver bob to shaved milkshake. People around me certainly thought I was mental, and whilst they were laughing at me, for my odd changing hairstyle ( in a Parisian posh region ) I became the master of my destiny.

Who am I?

In september 2015, I was diagnosed with burn out, it means that I couldn’t rest more than 3 hours per night (exhaustion and chronic fatigue), due to post traumatic stress disorders linked with Paris terror attacks and other related events. In my 45 years, until now, I have been a traveler and a runner.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) This fire sign glows brightly when making brave, bold choices. Imagine darkness. Deep, dense, infinite nothing. The emptiness appears endless, but then suddenly a flame appears, like a beacon of hope. A spark of life. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, lights the match that ignites the entire astrological cycle. As such, Aries symbolizes courage, determination, and action. Of course, Aries don’t always know why they do certain things, but ultimately, that’s not Aries’s job (hyper-analyzing is reserved for other signs, like Virgo).

My ideal to escape ordinary and routine was very strong since a little girl who enjoyed spending time in the nature, and drawing my dolls portraits, and writing to penpals all over the world. Thou it wasn’t my mental health to worry me more, but the fact I couldn’t express my True Self in my family and work environments. Frustration and stress became a topic which I couldn’t ignore further in my 40s. Jung said that you do tests until 40. So, did I. In love relationships and friendships, job career and dreams.

My life eventually changed after my last physical and mental break down; 2015 was a full concentration of events, social, global and personal (my dark night), where I had to embrace my heroin’s call, or zombify?

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