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The teamwork

we are family

Welcome on board ! I believe in word-to-mouth and global community. If you think this page can be helpful to someone just share and join us in the support group Coping with PTSD on Facebook or Behind the Badge. The Demons Within. There are not stories better than others, there are only Calls not answered.

what a great crew here

Badge tony – detective and cop

in my podcast (#2 the shooting) I mentioned Iraq because they gave me motivation to accept I have PTSD….. because of those guys who are hero’s can suffer then maybe it’s possible I do have PTSD… Because I denied having PTSD for a long time.

michael J. sugrue – detective narcotics and raf

episode 50 – fighting through the darkest times in law enforcement

Michael is a retired police sergeant with the City of Walnut Creek with over 14 years of service including specialized assignments as a Field Training Officer, SIU Detective and Undercover Special Agent assigned to California Department of Justice Drug Task Force.
Before becoming a police officer Michael served 6 ½ years in the U.S. Air Force as a Captain (Security Forces) specializing in Global Force Protection, Anti-Terrorism, Air Base Ground Defense, Nuclear Security and Law Enforcement.
As a new police sergeant, Michael encountered a situation that was not only tragic and overwhelmingly surreal but it was a call for duty that changed his life forever. Michael found himself in reckless abandon and on the verge of self-destruction until he mustered the courage to ask for help.
Michael tells his story of survival, recovery and healing after a deadly force incident and wants others to know that they are not alone.

Nick Lorenz Firefighter and Seal is on IG as Mentalhealingadventures and on You Tube

Courtesy of Nick Lorenz.

I joined social media for one purpose: to find courage to share difficult moments in life….Mental health issues and being vulnerable. Talk and share in a positive, inspiring and in relatable ways. My hope is to start a community of people who can freely and honestly tell their personal journeys of joy and suffering. The pain, sorrow. joy, love, anger,, courage and those that are overcoming their fears discussing the stigma/taboo/ideas of living with mental health injuries The struggles we see in life are the human story since inception. We all need love, peace, happiness, support and most importantly we need each other now more then ever. Please watch and then share with someone that comes to mind. If that’s you, just know right now you are not alone in your challenges. I am here right along side you. Instagram @mentalhealingadventures FB Nick Lorenz Mental Healing Adventures Email

DAN NEvins – paratrooper and iraq veteran

You can find Dan on his Facebook and IG pages or on his Website. He is today a Yoga Teacher and is running a campaign to collect funds for the Spiritual Warrior Retreat in Florida. He is a role model and speaker for Wounded Warrior Project a no-profit organisation raising PTSD Awareness. His heartfelt message to Veterans is linked on the homepage of this website and he is one of my Success Stories in my book.

KARL TEarney – combat pilot

and the girls

Leilani Anastasia – self-help author

Leilani Anastasia is a passionate Self-Help Author. Recently, she authored the “Warrior” series about Combat PTSD and its effect on relationships.

Courtesy of Anastasia Leilani. You can get in touch with her on her Facebook Page and here:

To be frank, I am not a great fan of Twitter which I find great loss of energy, but this sample will show you a glimpse of what is real world around Veterans and Club 22 about.

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Wiltshire, UK. All pictures are courtesy of Karl Tearney.


Karl Tearney enlisted into the British Army at 16 and dedicated 35 years of his life as a pilot in the Army Air Corps. He was medically retired in early 2016 and found great solace in writing and especially a new-found passion for poetry. The demand for his style of writing has led to National and local Television as well as Radio. In 2018, he was a panelist at the Hay literature festival, helped with a Poetry workshop at RADA and also exhibited some of his work at the ‘Art in the Aftermath’ Exhibition in Pall Mall.

today Karl is poet in Residence for Military Academy Performing Arts in London and I have been blessed with his writing near Veteran Day 2019. His book was published on Amazon as Second Life (*)and I could translate in Italian to include in my work. They are the first poems on PTSD since I know what PTSD are about. A few are recorded in a section of this website too. He is incredible and here he comes in a rare recording I was allowed to download in my Channel which I even more rarely use. You can find more poems by Karl Tearney on his website The Willow Tree Society.

(*)a nice review of Karl’s book is here

sabrina ciaciura navy veteran.

With courtesy of Sabrina Ciaciura.

From a very young age, I struggled with depression.  I couldn’t help but feel like I was settling for a life that wouldn’t truly satisfy me.  There was an aching in my heart that knew there was more happiness and fulfillment available for me, and I was determined to find it. We all have our traumas that define us.  For me, it was my parents divorce and a turbulent relationship with my addict father.  

Find more how to join sabrina on her social medias :

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antonella – author of ptsd beautiful trauma and self-help writer


You can find me on IG like wonderwarrior74 + I have an Italian website My pen name is Diana White Thunder-Moon and I have an American Dream in the drawer. My project is collaborative and crosscultural. We are all in here together.

The Rookit: il Kit della New Girl.

Iscriviti al Rookie Bootcamp di Parisian Sparkle (newsletter), la prima risorsa italiana di auto-coaching filosofico e ispirato, che usa strumenti mistici, per ricevere The Rookit, il Welcome Kit della New Girl, e iniziare subito ad allenarti per mettere la tua sensibilità al primo posto e cambiare schema di gioco.


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The Rookie Bootcamp: le tecniche e strategie Zen per rendere la tua Bambina Ferita piu' forte.

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