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Antonella Barberini

Antonella Barberini born in Rimini in 1974, and grew up as highly Sensitive, in a quite disfunctional, yet traditional and loving family.

Self-esteem took a while to install in her mindset, struggling with eating disorders and coping with bipolar diseases and depression at age of 21, after a stay, as au-pair girl, in Dublin (that garlic bread and buttered toast!).

Self-confidence took even more. After leaving several jobs, in tourism and software house industry, as front receptionist, she travels, with a friend, across Argentina and Chile, as backpacker, in order to find her way and forget of Prince Charming.

She is back for a little while until 2007, when she is ready to move for the Parisian region with her South American souvenir, a Caribbean guy, who turnes into worse of Charming, in fact, a toxic person and stalker.

She sticks into her job to forget her failures and falls. Season by season. Until burn out comes as a wake up call. She repeats to her self that her story doesn’t define her and makes her dream come true with Self- Publishing via Amazon “PTSD Beautiful Trauma”, a memoir on her journey coping with PTSD, after Paris terror attacks (2015-2016).

Today, transforming her life is a priority, and give – intentionally – her Self away has become a purpose.

First article, in english, “8 keys to build up your resilience’, is published on 14th may 2018 for the blog an online community dedicated to those affected by PTSD. Available also on their Facebook Page.



2005-2006 she writes articles for her hometown’s magazine of Bellaria Igea Marina on topic as citizen’s identity. She is appreciated for her Humour and Wit.

2003-2004 jury for a poetry and prose Competition in highschools of Rimini and Riccione with local journalists and school teachers of her highschool for tourism, in Marebello.

2000 – 2004 she creates and organizes special events at The Barge Irish Pub, on the Adriatic Coast, in Rimini, getting her inspiration from 60s hippies and rock Music Festivals, involving researchers and teachers, to support a Native American project for a Public Study Center, in Carpi, near Modena, with supervisor ethnologist Carla Fornasari Red Eagle Woman (Apache and Amazonian tribes traditionally adopted).

Starring Native American dancers from Canadian Blackfoot tribe (Leon Goodstriker, Quentin Pipestem and Bruce Starlight), Antonio Righetti and his friends, Fede Poggipollini, Mel Previte, Robby Pellati, Hazey Davey, poetry reading (on Jack Kerouac and beat generation), Sandro Veronesi, writer (reading of “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”), Claudio Cardelli from the “Italia-Tibet no profit Association” with the Rolling Stones and Beatles cover band Rangzen, Bruce Springsteen cover bands (Joe Castellani & The Blues Machine, Sandro Spazzoli and Miami &The Groovers), Daniel Angelini, Rimini Painters Association, Cesare Carlini, watercolorist, and artists from Genova, Rossana Manzoni, painter, and sculpture, Ivaldo Castellani, comedien, and Gilberto Gattei, dj, as coordinator.     

Support to raise awareness went to eating disorders issue with social worker, Chiara Sole Ciavatta, and her husband, psychologist, Matteo Mugnani, and her Community based in Rimini.

She got a mention (logo and patrocinio) from Regione Emilia Romagna and Assessorato alla Cultura della Provincia e del Comune di Rimini for her engagement in promoting cross cultural events.

Sponsors Daniel Eggink from Woodstock Nation Foundation, Bethel, NY, and Michael Bowen, beatnik artist founder of Human Be In and San Francisco Oracle.


Social phenomenon of hippies and teenagers Revolution.






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