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  • Rise Self-Awareness and Self-Identity
  • Break the Stigma
  • Inspire to find your Spark
  • Spread Helpline Resources, Medical and Self-Help guides
  • Support Veterans Homecoming and Belonging

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Symptoms may include flashbacks and nightmares, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. Hypervigilance, seizures, panic attacks, anger outbursts and social anxiety to end up with alchool and/or drugs addictions, suicidal thoughts and attempts. Divorces and job career loss are the most frequent outcome together with identity loss (dissociation, memory issue and confusion of who you are), burnout and self-destructive thoughts.  

Our Mission is focused on promoting a Body/Mind Culture of integrative therapies like so-called spiritual practices and techniques:

  • Mindfulness, Guided Meditations, Yoga, Creativity, Self-discovery, Sound Waves, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Talk-Therapy, Junghian tools (mandala drawing and meditation, art-therapy, archetypal psychology and hero’s journey)

In order to match the Resilience Community needs our Recovery enthusiast Teamwork offers:

  • Support Group and Counseling, with “G.I. Jane” Sabrina, prepared US Navy Veteran Badass, open both to military and civilians
  • Poetry Workshops with British Combat Pilot Veteran, Karl, Poet-in-Residence for the Military Academy Performing Arts
  • Spiritual Retreats and Medically Supervised Ayahuasca Ceremonies at the Soul Quest, in Orlando, FL, USA, with elite support group for Veterans, led by Master Sgt. Lance, Special Operations Pararescuemen
  • Professional Guides, Self-Help Books and Podcasting
  • Free Scripts of Guided Meditations and Coloriage Anti-Stress
  • Creative Fundraising and Donations to no-profit

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A breathtaking story, inspired from real events, that began in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris. The concept of Volume One is a self-help manual with 5 keys to initiate you to self-growth and powerful transformation. An idea of xxx, Italian author, pen name Diana White Thunder-Moon. Will there be a Volume Two?

[/cws_sc_info][cws_sc_banners offer=”A give back to worldwide Health Care professionals, First-Responders, Servicemen, Security Agents and EMS or Paramedic services who help us through the Dark Night and make a difference in our journey.” title=”A Big Thank You”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][cws_sc_spacing height=”60″ responsive_es=”true” height_size_sm_desctop=”60″ height_tablet=”30″ height_mobile=”0″][cws_sc_portfolio_posts_grid style=”round” custom_title_hover=”1″ display_style=”carousel” layout=”3″ crop_images=”1″ tax=”cws_portfolio_cat” cws_portfolio_cat_terms=”Portfolio” en_hover_color=”1″ hover_color=”rgba(79,123,112,0.2)” en_title_color=”1″ en_title_bg_color=”1″ en_cat_color=”1″ en_cat_bg_color=”1″ info_pos=”under_img” total_items_count=”4″ cws_portfolio_show_data_override=”1″ cws_portfolio_data_to_show=”title”][cws_sc_spacing height=”110″ responsive_es=”true” height_size_sm_desctop=”110″ height_tablet=”50″ height_mobile=”0″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content” equal_height=”yes” css_animation=”slideInUp” bg_image_position=”left_center” add_layers=”1″ extra_layer_repeat=”repeat” cws_layer_image=”1138″ extra_layer_width=”100″ extra_layer_height=”25″][vc_column css_animation=”fadeInRight” width=”1/2″ bg_cws_repeat=”no-repeat” bg_image_position=”left_center” css=”.vc_custom_1536929146905{margin-top: 50px !important;background-image: url( !important;}” offset=”vc_hidden-md vc_hidden-sm vc_hidden-xs”][/vc_column][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1536731433978{padding-right: 200px !important;}” offset=”vc_col-lg-6″][cws_sc_spacing height=”100″ responsive_es=”true” height_size_sm_desctop=”100″ height_tablet=”50″ height_mobile=”50″][cws_sc_text drop_shadow_color=”#a9c9bb” tablet_center=”1″ mobile_center=”1″ customize_size=”1″ title_margins=”0px 0px 20px 0px” custom_title_color=”#224a49″ subtitle=”WHAT WE’RE WORKING ON” title=”APPROACH” banner=”Creativity”][/cws_sc_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/6″][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”2/3″][cws_sc_text custom_styles=”.vc_custom_1603647785655{padding-right: 50px !important;}”]

Today the solo treatment for PTSD, major depression, and anxiety, in Western Society are prescribed chemical cocktails.

If we take a step back to last century, from shell shock to combat fatigue, a progress has been made:

  • PTSD are no more related to character’s fault or cowardice; the British Tommy court-martialed in 48 hours, in 1916, has been pardoned officially thanks to Harry Farr’s 93-years-old daughter, Gertrude, who fought decades to restablish his father’s honor; Farr had been diagnosed as suffering from shell shock a year before he was executed and the mistake was to send him back to the front line. He was shot at dawn before the Somme’s Battle after seeing half of his Battalion dying in Neuve Chapelle early that year.

Despite the recent recognition, in 2006, families and servicemen as well as first-responders and health-care service, and also civilians, have to endure the stigma linked to Mental Health injuries. This performance society is highly judgemental and mental break down is seen as if you were the ruin of the family and community. When in fact it is utterly the opposite. We have been choosen to be of service. In some cases, spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle states that this “awakening” happens through pain. Life is simple. PTSD are here to remind the human race about human nature. AI is replacing our jobs with intelligent machinery. It will go fast. We are on the way of self-destruction. Are we doing anything in our power to say NO?

  • If we take a look to tribal community rites of passage mark the transition of someone to full membership.  In another place or time, you might leave your village to go onto the Mountain for as long as it takes. Discovering your place in the greater web of things, you offer thanks for your gift (“empathy?”) and return to share it with your people. Having moved through adolescence, you take up your new place as an adult in your clan. You are worthy of a chance to gain their respect. Your quest has shown you a new purpose and a vision of what your life can be.
  • Soldiers who have a proper decompression period after combat, with the unit and not at home, are less likely to experience PTSD. Like in the ancient times, marching or sailing a long distance would enhance that healing process on the journey back home. In Joseph Campbell words: “The Hero has been resurrected, purified and has earned the right to be accepted back into the society and share the Elixir of the Journey. The true Hero returns with an Elixir to share with others or heal a wounded land.”
  • **New** Modern Psychiatry, like British neuroscientist Dr Steve Peters and French psychiatrist Christophe André, and Stars and Stripes prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn promote the mindfulness practices (guided meditation and breathing techniques, yoga and Trascendental Meditation) as coping techniques with anxiety and depression, alcohol abuse and PTSD to restore resilience both to soldiers active in duty and veterans returning home.

Warriors are our defense, and our model, if we don’t take a good care of their wellbeing, who will protect us?

To make a positive social impact, following the Theory of Change, our Warriors Team want to:

  • Work in partnership with medical professionals, health-care, first-responders and veteran community, life coaches and counselors, by means of cooperation and creativity
  • Promote long-term solutions of emotional wounds healing and identity behind the badge and uniform
  • Give a voice to Wounded Warriors, and so-called Trauma Survivors, and support them to transform their lives
  • Guarantee outcomes on large scale by sharing our resources and competences and target-oriented


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Iscriviti al The Parisian Sparkle Report, la prima risorsa italiana di auto-coaching ispirato, che usa strumenti mistici, per ricevere The Rookit, il Welcome Kit della New Girl, e iniziare subito ad allenarti per mettere la tua sensibilità al primo posto e cambiare schema di gioco.

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