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US Helplines Resources

Sgt. Michael J. Sugrue

Let’s all smash the Stigma

Helping those who are dedicated to serving our communities. We provide training, support, and services to strenghten the individual, families, and agencies of all first responders.

+1 415-572-9933

Save a Warrior SAW

SAW is a short-term, Warrior-led, dynamic bio, psycho, social educational experience for dissolving the effects of complex trauma. At SAW, five days changes everything. Novel. Disruptive. Essential. With a solid foundation of meditation, and the experience of mindful awareness and skills, the Project provides a narrative for how to live a fully realized life. Graduates are launched with genuine and necessary seeds for growing a thoughtful, constructive and truly peaceful life.

Crisis Text Line Law enforcement text BLUE to 741741, others text TALK to 741741

Call 911 for emergencies

Check with your department for services including peer support

Copline – 1-800-267-5463

A 24/7 help line staffed by first responders for first responders and their family members. They can assist with treatment options for responders who are suffering from mental health, substance abuse and other personal issues.

Cop2Cop – 1 866-COP-2COP (267-2267)

Safe Call Now – 1-206-459-3020

Fire/EMS Helpline – 1-888-731-3473

Crisis Text Line

Also known as Share The Load. A program run by the National Volunteer Fire Council. They have a help line, text based help service, and have also collected a list of many good resources for people looking for help and support.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255

The national (USA) suicide hotline. Not first responder specific, but they can and will talk to anyone who needs help. We’ve been told by one of their founders they have a large number of first responders and veterans who volunteer.

A service that allows people in crisis to speak with a trained crisis counselor by texting “Start” or “Help” to 741-741.

Copline (Law Enforcement Only) – 1-800-267-5463

A confidential helpline for members of US law enforcement. Their website also has additional information on help and resources.

Frontline Helpline – 1-866-676-7500

Run by Frontline Responder Services. Offer 24/7 coverage with first responder call-takers.

Kristin Brooks Hopeline – 1-800-442-4673

Another national (USA) hotline for people suffering from mental health issues.

Veterans Crisis Line (Veterans only)- 1-800-273-8255 & press 1, or text 838255

A crisis line specifically for veterans of the US armed forces.

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