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Welfare Boxes for Deployed. Need a hook?

Yeah, it’s that time of year.

This year I am committed to Warrior Quest USA, and I am less present on Brit front. But I don’t forget you. When it comes to Military Care Packages I am divided, on a side I don’t support ANY kind of war, and supporting troops with presents or gift cards could look controversial, right?

1914 World War First

On the other side, I am pretty aware that there are troops deployed in conflict zones around the world. And this time of year is a pain for many persons, especially, those who are abroad. I will leave a link that might help you here with welfare boxes: I guess it’s more safe to share the adresse here than on IG :


Of course, some of you DO already much more than this EVERYDAY. But if you are not familiar you can reach out. Or check for whatever charity you can reach by yourself.

Today even Amazon offers welfare boxes for deployed !!!!!!

Obviously, you might also find scammers or scams easily on these websites. So, be aware of that. You can join me DM anytime on this topic. I am good to put people or communities through each other. This is one of a good causes I am glad to support despite what you might think about !!!! Me, either, I won’t be home for Christmas. And it sounds as lonely as it seems.

So reach out even though a charity, support groups, social media and stay positive. I know it might sound pathetic or this post will be ignored I don’t mind I had to do that. Done. ps. I love you. Pictures: 1914 WWI, and other operations around the world in 2018 of British troops. #deployed #welfareboxes #abroadchristmas #foreign #expatlife #forcespenpals #britishtroopsremembered #ptsdmyjourneyofselfdiscovery

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