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How Do Psychiatric Medications Affect People Over the Course Of 5-20 Years?

FInally, done with black fridays and cyber monday. I hope your bank account survived !!!

If you want some answer to the title question, you might like my book PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and….. There is a not so large flashback in the 90s. I can humbly affirm that being hospitalized and drugged with anti depressors has been itself traumatic.

That experience gave me empathy for all celebs and less famous people who have been locked down in asylums or prison.

My story is lucky for two reasons:

  1. I am still alive
  2. I had amazing encounters in the late 90s (linked to Blood/Blackfoot tribes) they brought ceremonies to Italy, when I was growing as young lady in my twenties

My doctor, in 90s, a neuro-psychiatrist told me “be prepared, recovery will take time”.

He also announced my mother that I would recollect my memory back from that meds treatment in twenty years.

Are you serious? TWENTY YEARS????

You loose a big part of your life just because these so called DOCTORS do not help you identifying your lack of dopamine and serotonine?

Who is doctor? They say that you are the best doctor. That is true. Who better than you know what is inside your psyche? I am not talking about a wounded knee that is hurting. Or your neck pain.

Why is there any doctors telling you “what’s wrong?” Start asking the good questions. If you are depressive and anxious do not wait for a stranger to GUESS what’s wrong with you and your life.

Start asking the good questions.

Seek for books on Self-reflection. Start from mine, lol

Good luck x

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