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Is a Black Friday a Dark Night? lol

Be my guest ! 30% off CODE FINDYOURSPARK on ETSY until Monday 11/29

My new campaign for Black Friday is Out!

Our partnership with Warrior Quest USA is spiritual and… commercial. It’s with great pleasure that I announce the games of “black friday” open on my Etsy Shop :

30% off is not really a bargain for the trader 🙂 but how do you start a business from scratch?

I admit I HATE that commercial fever that pushes you to BUY things you don’t need. So, in case you need something from there, like a beanie or a hoodie …..

THANK YOU for your contribute and for being here. New ideas are bubbling and I hope I can sleep tonight.

Enjoy x

The winged Air Force design is one of my favorite.
The logo of Warrior Quest USA. This is a dedication to Daniel co-founder of WQUSA. His daughters are two “barbie” lol
Fun fact : when I found this mockup on Placeit I was listening to Elton John : Someone Saved My Life Tonight. The song refrained “butterfly” and I know this exercise is called “the butterfly”. I do that in my workout routine. Following is the lyric I dedicated to Lance Supernaw co-founder of Warrior Quest USA. He really is a “sugar bear”.

Never realized the passing hours of evening showers

Slip noose hanging in my darkest dreams

I’m strangled by your haunted social scene

Just a pawn outplayed by a dominating queen

It’s four o’clock in the morning

Damn it listen to me good

I’m sleeping with myself tonight

Saved in time

Thank God my music is still alive

And someone saved my life tonight

Sugar bear

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