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Pluto in Aquarius : The End of the World and the Dawn of a New Era.

If you are familiar with my posting you should know how much I am passionate with astrology and history. Anything related to knowledge, I suppose.

My dad transmitted me the genes of learning what happened a long time ago and I am forever grateful. He is a crap with technology but we cannot expect someone driving an Alpha Romeo Giulietta, at 82, to digit on a computer, I guess.

Check the main periods in history that led this energy of revolution (Aquarius is the planet ruled by rebellious Uranus who brings the change together with Pluto it’s a volcan explosion!!):

1. 1776 Americans are familiar to this date I suppose
2. 1789 French idem
3. Copernic published his theories about the Earth revolution around the Sun (and not opposite)
4. Martin Lutero reports the Catholic Church and their political and financial power abuse
5. Henry VIII his divorce opens a new era and proclaims the Anglican Church
6. Charlemagne first “crowned” emperor of Eastern Roman Empire – Before the kings did not even wear the crown , which – born as a derivation of the miter, the papal headdress – became a symbol of royal power from Charlemagne onwards. 800 AC
7. L’editto di Costantino : Constantine is one of the most important figures of the Roman Empire, which he reformed widely and in which he allowed and favored the spread of Christianity.


The Discovery of Uranus and the Industrial Revolution.

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