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New Mug for Warrior Quest USA Available Now.

Hi I hope you are having a great time.

Yes, despite everything, the covid thing and the neck and shoulders pain (like I have!! enough of staying at this computer!!!! lol).

This full moon in Taurus invite us to treat us kind. Do some self-care. It’s weekend time after all. I feel a strange energy and positive vibes all around. Yes, despite everything. I am optimistical.

Today I received my first order from Gelato the print on demand !!!

I am glad to share my new creation with you. It’s a mug that matches with the book cover. Well, the gift shop was created to support the launch of my book PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I Met Along the Way. Translated in American English by Joe Dougherty. New foreword by best selling author and British combat veteran Karl Tearney.

Forthermore, I am waiting for the calendar with Warrior Quest USA. It will be my first calendar too. I have also more ideas for more calendars and part of proceeds go to the noprofit too.

To be honest with you, I like my project more and more. The fact I create the mugs, now, I feel like I am “manifesting” all ideas I have been imagining in my mind during these past years. I am not too fan of tees, and I like the vintage effect on this mug pretty much. I will give you more. Be my guest, please, enjoy the last creations in the gift shop and leave comments.
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