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The End of The World: Embrace the Artist Within and Express Your Inner Voice.

Today my mailbox is overwhelmed by black friday. Uh!!!
Nope, I won’t go there.

Choose carefully how you spend you money.

This mail resonated with me, though…. a special offer from Adyashanti that I didn’t know yet. He sounds like a spiritual teacher from the US. What I liked in his mail “get my offer for only…” was that you open the platform and can find other products.

This slide is inspired by this mail. I put a couple of suggestions if you want to start exploring inner work and creativity, yes, if you follow me it’s maybe time to start expressing your inner voice.

In my blog, I am posting the link to the pdf of The artist’s way a book that I loved before I took stencils for drawing after a long time. My artist soul was buried by everyday life. I was missing a connection with my deep soul and writing also was lost. No website, no blog, no social media except long posts on Facebook that nobody of my acquaintances dared to comment.


The artist’s way was probably the spark of where I am today.

The Complete Artist’s Way: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice (

This tote bag is a test. I am printing out with one of my POD and see how it comes out.

What if I tell you that the drawing is from a friend who was very creative but did not know how far she could go because she was always told that ‘doodling’ is a waste of time.

How far can we go?

artwork by @sansastark839
Marzia was just started with scribbling and doodling when I was closing down the book (Summer 2020). She was a good pupil. Her artwork has very much improved so far.

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