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Neck and Shoulders aching? It’s Yoga Time.

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Funny enough, these days I am supposed to be more relaxed during a vacation. This is not the case. I have a hard time to get really doing nothing and I keep my mind overthinking.

Just read about this full moon in Taurus – the Beaver Moon – that its domain runs neck and shoulders. I promise this Yoga lesson will stretch them all over for a great benefit.

I admit, I am not very regular at yoga, at the moment. But anytime I put myself in child pose I feel at home. It’s my shelter. I just need to take a break from my social media and everyday life. And yoga practice is what better suits my expectations. Apart from a massage and a bath with bubbles.

Take a good care of you. As always, we are in here together.

Read more about this full moon here. You might be very surprised ….

Thank to Michelle Goldstein. I am the greatest fan !!!

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