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Daydreaming, so what?

In France they say: la tĂȘte dans la lune…… daydreaming !!

Have you ever been said that daydreaming is a WASTE of TIME? What if DREAMS were our realities in waiting?
In dreams we plant the seeds of our future. It’s a pity you don’t read captures ….. my last posts are so inspired 😉

Here you get some more about me (and maybe you, check your birth chart). Yes, my moon on my birthdate was in Pisces. Now YOU KNOW !!!

Just in case.

PERSONALITY. Pisces Moons are highly empathic; they can’t help but reach out when someone is in trouble. Pure-hearted souls who give without expecting anything in return, Pisces Moons possess mysterious powers that heal others. People often look to them for counsel and are uplifted by their soothing presence.

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In case you like Country Music I found this playlist very soothing, perfect for a Daydreamer, right?

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