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Preview Calendar for Warrior Quest USA – Behind the scenes. Get ready to Thanksgiving Day.

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We are just started and need as much support as you can. We are not sponsored. I am not sponsored. I am self-publishing on Amazon (on a low budget that means a little advertising) and my gift shop is just started on Etsy too.

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Parisian Sparkle presents…

The calendar is done. My first calendar ever. Vets get this privilege 😉

Here you get some preview of what I could do for WQUSA. I used a limitless license with Placeit (I pay for it yearly subscription) for the posters inspired by The Walking Dead and Adobe Spark (for free) to puzzle together.

The print on demand connected with Woocommerce WP is Gelato from Norway (for free but you need a business plan on WP to get the ecommerce).

So, if you want to do a calendar for your Christmas gifts, now …YOU KNOW :p

Yes, you can do it yourself and then just print it. It is accessible. The hotline via chat is helpful. I needed their help a couple of times.

Will give you real photos of printed product so that you get a better idea of quality printing (can’t wait).

Daniel from Warrior Quest Usa was very precise in his demand of which photographs I should use for this project. And which I should better NOT !!! He loves the outcome. So do I.

This is the preview, you can find this calendar in my gift shop, sure thing!

Justin, Daniel and Lance co-founders of Warrior Quest USA
Lance Supernaw with Shilo Harris
Daniel with a veteran at Soul Quest in Orlando
Volunteers at Soul Quest and facilitators for Warrior Quest USA

Secondly, I added some slides more into motivational, I also checked Daniel’s IG page @warriorquestusa

He likes quotes as much as I do. What do you think about it?

Read more about Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church Of Mother Earth – Spiritual Retreat Center In Orlando ( and

35 downloads in 5 days for a start!!! Thank You all Warriors.

Last day for grasping the ebook of the Year for free at Amazon!!!!

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