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Veteran Day : Homecoming with Dave Closson.

Today is a day that is very near and dear to my heart.

In short, I was barely old enough to order a beer when I found myself being deployed to Iraq right after 9/11.

In what felt like a few moments, I went from attending classes and juggling studies to engaging in small arms fire and being hit with an improvised explosive device.

This was just in my first week.

When I returned to college in the Fall of 2006, I was quite literally a different person.

From culture shock to insomnia, my mind was always racing. Thinking it would subside, I did my best to carry as “normal”.

As you can imagine, the world around me continued to feel more alarming than ever – from a simple smell to a subtle noise, fear set in all around me.

Whether I knew it or not, I was dealing with PTSD that was getting the best of me.

As a result, I was running head-on into a destructive path of drinking, neglecting school, and loneliness.

Over time, with a dedication to learning and growing, I discovered healing and a life free of destructive substances.

Here’s where it gets really important though: my story is far from unique.

According to the Military Times, up to one-quarter of post-9/11 veterans struggle with some kind of substance misuse.

Of those struggling with substance misuse, 20% have PTSD, and 15% struggle with depression.

The culture and everyday life of your average person is a million miles away from that of an active duty member of the military.

For more resources and insight into my story of recovery please visit the link in my bio under “Campus Drug Prevention”.

It is my hope that my words can help even one person see that there is hope for peace, happiness, and healing.

To our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future, we appreciate you and God bless you.

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