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Home » Success!! 13 ebooks in one day : launch offer post-poned to 15/11. **RUSH**

Success!! 13 ebooks in one day : launch offer post-poned to 15/11. **RUSH**

**ebook for free until 15/11 at Amazon (yes Ma’am, RUSH)**

TBF I did not expect it. It’s not because you offer free stuff that people go for it. 13 is success!!!! Now, I hope these 13 get not disgusted after 20 pages.

In 20 pages you do not get to the storytelling nor the keys of wisdom lol

In 20 pages you get enough to want more and continue with reading or stop it and throw it in the digital bin.

Give away is a good start to get noticed btw I can do that only once in 3 months with Amazon KDP Select program.

It’s okay. The purpose of the book is also fundraising that would be idiot to give it for free right?

This morning I was just thinking that I spent night hours to get ready for 11/11 and I respected my deadline (it will take for the paperback and hardcover thou, Amazon seems busy with delivery).

When I checked the sales I was like “what”s this?” What’s 13?

Happy you got the last update with @karltearney foreword; he will get excited about it.

Please, if you are one of “lucky 13” and you can get through the 400 pages (many pictures) please, leave a comment or better, a review on Amazon would be what helps the positive outcome; word-to-mouth is also appreciated especially on your social media.

**I am not sponsored and independent… but I am available**

I hope I can do more offers on holidays but in case you start from digital and you wish to make a present to someone who might find solace from this work …I will finally take a time to RELAX !!!!!!!

Thank you for your TRUST x

ps. I am including a couple of pictures in this publication, I could not put them in the book thou. They have been my emts and helpers in my PTSD and recovery journey. They really helped me with active listening and good advice. The flashy colors of the cover remind me of their “cars”.


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