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The Hero’s Journey and… The Supernatural Gift of Word of Wisdom.

While I am writing this post, I have got goose bumps. I finally realize one of the gifts that gave me the hero’s journey of my PSTD adventure. I could not quite figure it out. What is the elixir of hero’s journey? What is the gift of word of wisdom? Check the Bible Matthew 1:5.

All these posts can sound very Christian. Should we distinguish the philosophy, from mythology and psychology? Is Bible so distant from all these human sciences?

Lately, I am rediscovering Holy lectures with a new …wisdom 🙂 Take it as it is. I deeply believe that all beliefs are connected as much as we are brothers and sisters sharing the same Planet Earth.

What was evident for me in my recovery journey: my faith was restored, if I ever had one gone lost; my health also was restored; I could give a second chance to do better in life (still trying).. and also when the Bible quotes the Body of Christ, I think that this language is all symbolic.

ferita del costato | Cercare la fede

“Blessed are the ones who have not seen and yet have believed!”
John 20:29

But there is also synchronicity that plays a role here, I mention a work accident when I got hurt in my chest. My final wound was physical and ended with a sick leave before my rebirth could start in different domains of my life. The same exact place in my chest like in the body of Jesus in the passion when he got wounded by the roman soldier. That time was the lowest point in my story when I was having dark thoughts (and I was under sedatives thou natural). So you can be skeptical about these lines, do not read them with your mind, just let them in under your skin …

Un medico sul perché dal costato di Gesù fluirono “sangue e acqua”

The word of wisdom.

Alright mate, I ‘ll give you an exemple of “the word of wisdom”:

Genesis 41 – Joseph did not just interpret Pharaoh’s dreams but had a word of wisdom on how to survive during the future famine, by storing the grain during the good years.

It can be easy in our day and age to think we don’t need wisdom because we have over load of information. But our need for wisdom is greater now than ever. We need to able to see and understand the big picture in things and be able to know God’s wisdom versus this world’s ideologies and beliefs.
The gift of word of wisdom is the special ability that God gives to members of the Body of Christ to receive instant insight on how a given revelation may best be applied to a specific situation or need arising in the Body of Christ, or how a given situation or need is to be restored or helped or healed.
Restored, helped, or healed….that’s what a word of wisdom can do!

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The Word of Wisdom is the Gift (Grace) to Know How to Do Something: The Supernatural Download from Holy Spirit 😉

This guy is telling in a clear way: the word of wisdom gives you the capability to see the future and finding the solution to a problem that concern community. It’s given to one person to profit together.

Yeah, I better see what this gift is about and how I can relate. It definitely resonates (if you think to ayahuasca retreat and plant medicine to heal PTSD and mental health injuries).

Oh, cool, you can also ACTIVATE it. Just ask.

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