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From Chaos to a New Lifestyle and Order?

What I find surprising enough is that all the lessons learned in my PTSD journey can be applied to pandemic and any other ordeals.

Hi what’s up?

Are you ready to New Chaos and New Moon Scorpio energy? (it’s November after all! keywords: dark, death, grief, loss, and veterans, lest we forget yeah oh well I was forgetting the terror attacks)

Talking about PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I Met Along the Way (launch of hard cover on 11/11 and available NOW in paperback and ebook at Amazon NOTA BENE: if you want to buy please wait until I have updated the foreword in all editions ):

Tbf at the start I did not realize how much of philosophy I had put in it.

I never considered myself as philosopher. I would be a messy one. Does any chaotic philosophy exist? Oh well…. yeah, there might be a “big one” theory about creation. I will take it. New life therefore rebirth comes out from chaos ( when it does not KILL you, right?!).

In this book you will find not-so-new philosophical concepts from : ancient Greece, ancient India, ancient and modern Japan … the concept of Valhalla, or sort of. The way Vikings looked at the northern lights thinking of ancient souls passed away coming back to guide us in present life !!!!

Kintsugi Heart – Courtesy of Nazim Artist

Concepts like wabi sabi, ikigai and kintsugi ……from the japanese art of broken pottery and what to do with it in order to hold it on together when chaos is around you. Yes chaos is great teacher !!!

Oh well, this is not a self-help manual as you can expect or imagine. Anything but all american.

In one of my last video, on Instagram, @wonderwarrior74, I have compared my book to self-help manual written and promoted by Evy Poumpouras “Becoming Bulletproof”. Check it out here!

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We are all broken and we have to do something beautiful from the pieces that we have.

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