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Calendar 2022 Rise of The Not Dead available NOW in the Gift Shop.

Hey Guys,

new project out!! I did it with following tools: Gelato, Spark Adobe and unlimited license Placeit.

If you are creative and you want to share tools tips OR you have questions about doing this kind of stuff, I would be more than happy to help.

Also, I am looking for SEO help. I can’t find time to do that, it would be lovely if some of you could guide me through A B C of WordPress SEO and ranking. Or I will give another try to the hotline. Sometimes I just quite can’t get it lol

Thank you all who have been here so far!!! I never opened this website (2018) for crowds, so I did not mind having too many followers. Now I am starting this small business “with a purpose” and as self-entrepreneur I would love to get more audience for the greatest good (becoming rich and famous, of course!).

Calendar 2022 Rise of The Not Dead.

This calendar was created to support the no-profit Warrior Quest USA, towards the sponsorships and travel expenses to retreat centers specializing in helping Vets overcome treatment resistant PTSD.

10% of proceeds will make a great Christmas Gift Card for combat veterans, in 2021. Our mission to give back who served has just started. Thank you for your purchase.

May the odds be always in your favor.

This statistic comes from the VA’s 2012 Suicide Data Report, which analyzed death certificates from 21 states, from 1999 to 2011. The report calculated a percentage of suicides identified with veterans out of all suicides in death certificates from the 21 states during the project period, which turned out to be 22 percent.

More pictures of the calendar as soon as I get the very first copy. Coming soon!! Follow me on Instagram @wonderwarrior74 I just rough video where I share the tools I am using and learning everyday.

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