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Self-Reflection Time for giving you MORE.

Working on new tools on digital media to CREATE new lines of products as publisher on Amazon. And make your heart burn together with mine.

Today I spoke with a friend, she is one of my best friends and we know since 14 years so far. We have shared about “pressures” at workplace. She is french and I want to share her words here:

“Mental health in French culture is very badly perceived. You shall not talk about it at workplace. Especially with team leaders or management. They see you as weak. Fragile. They will use what you say against you.”

Now, if you bare to read this capture, I want to open up with you. When I wrote my book about PTSD and my fight at workplace, I thought I was a WINNER. My trophy, my job on a long term. Security. Security about the future. But you know what? I was totally wrong.

The price for security is too high now. I am rethinking my priorities. I feel watched over any time I speak up or open my camera at video conference. You speak, they use your words against you. You keep silent, why are you SO silent? They fear your SILENCE.

My idea to be helpful at workplace was a reason to stay. To keep that faith that I fought a just war … and now I could share my elixir where it was hurting. Break the stigma means speak up where it is hurting …. not ONLY at social media….

I want to walk my talk. Right? Are you with me?

This month coming is a big time of self reflection for me. I am learning new tools to make it financially on social media; it takes ages……

But I wil give it a try. Not only I wish to make it, I want to create VALUE and share what I am passionated about, like self-growth, mindfulness, yoga pants, stars and stripes, and ….dust pink glitters !!!!

So, stay tuned, if you DARE.

Happy Weekend …** shine and sparkle **

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