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Mental Illness Awareness Month 2021.

This is a society that does not want us to be Happy and Self-realized. It’s time to change.

“After some research into comics and PTSD I discover a comic book author, a CIA agent and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, who was also plagued by panic attacks on his return from operations in the Middle East. Tom King, born in 1978, succeeds in communicating dark flashes of genius from his experience on the battlefield, where a generation of Americans is still confronting the enemy as well as themselves. King himself was the first to be surprised about his trauma.
“Why me?” he asks. “How can a man as big and strong as me, a guy with a family and children, with my CIA pedigree, have a breakdown?” It’s the American syndrome of machismo that Rose McGowan, the actress leading the charge of the “Me Too” movement, says can become toxic and lead to trauma.
In 2018 Tom King and DC Comics publish Heroes in Crisis, where the protagonists — Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman — create the “Sanctuary”, a rehab center dedicated to helping superheroes who have become “unhinged” after participating in traumatic events where they have saved billions of people, and as many murders, in the name of Justice. “

from “PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and…” by Diana White
(available at Amazon)


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