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New designs available for free (and t-shirts on demand). Scary!

** Break **

The print on demand thing literally squeezed my mind. My brain is split in thousands of pieces now. First reaction, I got disgusted. When you watch You Tube Videos that talk about something you have prepared for, with tools and ideas, they kinda tell you “WHY I QUIT” ……

Most of those who quit selling tees on print on demand is because it is not rentable. They do not make money. So they move to other products like car accessories. Uh uh …Ok, I made up my mind. Not here to make money and I say it with a pinch in my heart. I will keep on with spreading my messages.. and of course, the mockups showcase real products that will fill up the eshop in the link in bio.
Thank you for your support. Stand up for yourself and your children.

Please, note that most of Printful articles are “organic”. Vegan will be more than happy.

#shallnotpass #speakyourtruthwithlove ##parisiansparkledesign #giveaway

Feel free to use this design and you are appreciated if you quote me as Parisian Sparkle.
Please, check the license in the menu before you use this design for free. You can transform it and use it as you like.

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