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What the heck, Apple!! #Free Fornite is My fight, too, NOW!!

My New Campaign was just posted when I got a message from Facebook about some Apple last updates that will have a Negative Impact on my ads statistiques????

**Merchants beware!**

The iOS updates will affect all merchants right across Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google, etc. Put another way, this will affect any platform where an individual goes from an Apple product to a platform and then to a website. Who do the changes apply to? It is important to note that these changes only apply to those of you who own iOS devices. And the changes will only occur once you have updated to iOS 14. If you use desktop or android then for now at least these changes will not apply to you as a user.

In short if you have an Iphone you will be able to avoid tracking. That is quite good in a side, but also scary. Not fair, Mr Apple!!!!

(Source Printify)

New campaign is OUT on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Will this be MY LAST STAND?

Free Fortnite was a risky position to take in order to match my campaigns to support my commitment with noprofit and combat veterans. Some of you would ROLL EYES me supporting video game players????? (SURE I’ve quit doing that, too much addictive for me).

Now Fortnite’s battle becomes MY BATTLE too !!!! The brand Parisian Sparkle is just started and it’s a small company. I am on a very low budget and independent means “homeless” on social media if you are not sponsored. That explains why influencers accept to SELL THEIR SOUL to make-up companies. Right? I am in shock! I feel like quite naive in e-commerce. But Facebook ads gave me the 400 followers and new life force … was a start!!! Rome wasn’t built in a day. by for now sparkle x

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Reminder of my small business just started.

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