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Brand Ambassadeurs? Check our Values and Purpose, first.

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** Artistic Types Warning **

A brand ambassadeur is the face public of a company. Does my lifestyle resonates with you? Let’s talk about it.
You have fitness goals, deep values AND physical beauty ????
Parisian Sparkle is just a DM away …. (only volunteering is accepted, no spam, please)
Do you have a small business or creative project too? Do you feel we could match ???
Here are my goals:
1. Raise mental health awareness (you’d better be aware) growing a community of mutual-help #veteranhelpingveterans #peoplehelpingpeople #tribe #community 2. Start-up a small business, a “brand with a purpose” Parisian Sparkle is regularly registered under French law VAT number (SIRET/SIREN) since April 2021. Yes, ma’am, I can issue invoices. #smallbusiness #smallcompanybigservice 3. Why selling garments and accessories? well, it’s lotta of fun!!!!
Wonna join me with the fun and share same purpose? It’s lot of hard work too. Too shy? Then, watch me growing and… #makeithappen💋
Check link in bio, my gift shop is growing faster and faster. Await for your offer.

#creativity #creativityfound #brandambassadeurs #volunteeringisfun #volunteeringabroad #volunteeringmatters #inclusivitymatters
uh, look!! do you remember? when my account counted just 42?

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