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All-Seeing-Eye #1 T-Shirt Design. New Collection is OUT Now!

Announcement !! The gift shop is OPEN NOW.

Hi faithful 🙂

I hope that you are ALL doing GREAT!

I am new at marketplace, so do not expect fireworks or strategy. I just follow the gut feeling (false, I have devoured Seth Godin, Tribes!!!).

By now, I have a couple of good tools, which I am happy, to play with: eg, Hoplix for campaigns and Printful (TBF I HAD TO TRY THREE print on demand before I found the present one…. call it perseverance!!).

Brand ambassadors required.

Uh, what’s that? Sorry, I am too small to GIVE AWAY tees and goodies for free, but in case you like my products, then you can purchase and share a selfie on social media (your and mine).

Here is my real first design of new collection which is dedicated to Spiritual Awakening and Body Positive message.

In case you are very SHY and sharing a selfie is the last thing you want to do, especially with strangers …. please, drop me a line to review what you think about these designs and products. Advertising is the soul of e-commerce, they say; now more than ever !!!!

Thank you. Nell’ (Antonella) x

New e-shop for Spiritually Awaken only.

All-Seeing-Eye for boys

New e-shop for Body Positive only.

All-Seeing-Eye for girls
My label that you will get with the packaging. Uh, have to see this. Shall I do a visit card?
These kilos that I am trying to burn with yoga, work out and walk in nature…. at 47!!!!!!
It sounds like mission impossible number TWO. (No beer? Who said no beer?)
Movie Wardrobe: The t-shirt US Strength of Angelina Jolie in Girls  Interrupted
Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted.

September is Suicide Awareness Month.

Warning: the following scenes can be upsetting and trigger. But I still cherish this movie so MUCH!!! It came out FIVE YEARS after my recovery (and hospitalization) from Anorexia, Binge, intrusive thoughts, and self-harm, in 1999.

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