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The Silent Fall.

” Why him, not me ? “

Understanding PTSD in people allow you to help them to find à safe place.

PTSD triggers from 9/11 for those Who survived were/are:

Smoke, fire, noise, Airplanes, media coverages

panic attack
Anxiety (invalidating, it can lead to homebound, self isolation, withdrawal)

Alcohol abuse
You drink your nights away to get some sleep And you wake up exhausted

Then you take some drugs or sedating pills to make it through your day

Long term abuse leads to chronic illness, cancer, anorexia, fatigué, you feel like à truck ran you over And you cant Just get up from your bed.

140 The Art of Nazim ideas | wellness collection, art works, artist
Courtesy of Nazim Artist

Syndroms diagnosis:
Dépression, burnout, mental break down, suicida thoughts, intrusive thoughts, ocd…

In short, your life becomes hell. Whats thé point to survive if your life becomes à fucking hell ?

TODAY we all Remember people Who jumped consciously from burning towers. They are angels now. They continue their journey.

What we should do is turning attention to Who survived those hectic moments during thé fall. And how they could cope in thé aftermath.

Samantha Horwitz got married right after, I am single so far. She had her Mother looking after her. My mum was in Another country. Sam took 15 years to come over her struggle with addictions. It took me 5.

The fact I was left alone with my struggle forced me to face it. Nobody was there to hug me in thé aftermath of m’y traumatic expériences (2015). Deal with it. Chat on line does not count.

I am not telling here that If you are alone you have à quicker recovery.

Its à risky job. Its up to you. Sometimes relationships function as bandaid if you are not strong enough.

When you go through à dark night of thé soûl you are left alone with yourself. You are thé caterpillar.

Thé growth is your, first.

Once you are back, transforméd in thé cocoon , you can share your élixir with others.

Good luck to all 9/11 survivors.

Who could not sustain three minutes lectures are forever lost.


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