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Mudra Wednesday with Diana White ** Detox Time **.

Let it rock, Jesus Christ!! lol

Oh well, I will keep the story of historical Jesus traveling to India for another time. Or you can check by yourself. There are fascinating theories about it.

Let’s start this event: Mudra Wednesday is a hint to push to explore and practice yoga and breathwork. Hands poses and gestures have a symbolic meaning so far. They enhance the flow of prana and stimulate functions of organs. Be aware of how powerful they are and check side effects always. Start with ten minutes focusing on your breath (belly breath), close your eyes and fix a bright spot in the middle (third eye activation).

**Apan Mudra**

Apan mudra clears out toxins from the body. As a side benefit of removal of toxins, it strengthens each body organ. Apan mudra strengthens the digestion system and eliminates the disease related to indigestion such as constipation, piles, vomiting, etc. Apan mudra also promotes inner peace and harmony (great for anxiety management!!).

Apan gesture generates strong downward pulling force. It should not be practiced by pregnant women during the initial 8 months of pregnancy. It can cause miscarriage.

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