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1000 Thanks 1K likes Campaign No Fear.

Hey there!!

Welcome to my New Tribe.

I had to stop the campaign on Social media for too many likes lol I am not joking, I don’t have a life nomore …just migraines, and follow back 😉 First, I was building a tribe in American English and algorythm of Facebook and IG choose UK, Ireland, France (and some Italian) before I could reach the US….. Now my future buzz around my book on Amazon and the eshop in support of US Vets will be off target. On the opposite, I NEVER expected such success for this post. My friend’s book fault. I don’t know exactly what was “liked” in this post. Not even a smiling face. It’s not clear about anything. Except the first sentence: the message is quite straight. You do not need to be a secret agent to WIN your fears. I definetely LIKE it too!!!!! The goals of this campaign “NO FEAR” was matched. With a few of surprises: 1. age !!! 13 – 17 it’s a fact (call me Aunty, I FEEL honored. Frenchies, “tati” ça passe) 2. England is no surprise. Respect and friendship are likewise. 3. France !!! I was waiting for YOU. The most amazing fact is that French are renowned to speak a very little English……. and this work starts from French horrific events. BTW I avoided to share the last recording from November 13. I play fair. I have cried my tears but I am very MINDFUL of what is the core of my being here. Campaign No Fear STOP with 1031 likes (plus 145 that I lost because I self-doubted the first day). The first intention of campaigns is to build up an audience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I need motivation and support. Are you with me? Je serais à la hauteur.

#parisianssparkle #nojokes #letsplay #nofearcampaign #getitdonein21

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