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Hear Voices? Ask Rilke.

Rainer Maria Rilke heard the voice of a “terrible angel” amidst the sound of a crashing sea after living alone in a castle on the Adriatic for two months. This experience prompted his writing the poem, Duino Elegies.

My grandpa heard musical hallucinations, like Beethoven, but he never composed lyrics. He was treated with oldstyled antidepressants in his late years. He told us that he was hearing classical music in his ears so we laughed a little at him, until I realized that medication was too strong once he had dreamed of being surrounded by fire. I don’t have many regrets in life. I did what I wanted with what I could. I can’t go backward in time. If I could, I would convince my dad and granddad to find another way to treat their nerves.

Families carry karmic reactions to life issues like anxiety, depression, and mental breakdown. Once you understand which ones belong to your family, you have just found your life purpose.

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