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New Cinematic Logo ready, steady… OK, Go!

To be a Warrior is to Belong.

Parisians Sparkle alias plume name Diana White author of PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I Met Along the Way

Today the solo treatment for PTSD, major depression, and anxiety, in our Society are prescribed chemical cocktails, that are addictive, zombify you, or can lead to dark psychiatric side effects.

Our life mission: CHOOSE another way and SHARE our journey.

A true story:

Brand Parisian Sparkle was born, as nickname, in 2018, when she subscribed on line to chat with deployed forces in the Middle Eastern. She needed a hero, and she found an air corps. In the aftermath of horrific events in Paris, 2015, she could finally share her trauma, with broken veterans who were coping and struggling with their transition back to civilian life.

New Campaign No Fear is running on social media right now

The phoenix had arisen.

This empathy between hearts led to a creative project that starts blooming, in partnership with a perfect match of her ideas and values: a spiritual retreat for vets healing with Ayahuasca ceremonies, in Orlando, Florida.

Self-help manual and memoir is available at Amazon:…/dp/B097BW93WT

PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I Met Along the Way by Diana White (plume name). Await for your review.

We invite you to join our quest:

Antonella Barberini, independent author and editor: IG @wonderwarrior74

Lance Supernaw, co-founder of no-profit Warrior Quest Usa: IG @warriorquestusa

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