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3 Reasons Why I Gave Up With Hippies In My Twenties.

I admit that each time I tag #spiritualawakening I wonder what my readers will say. I am sure that each of us has got a different idea about this topic.

In short…


in the 90s I was in my twenties, and I did not have a clue what the heck I came here to do. I was sure that my dreams would have killed me somehow. If I was born in the 60s I would have been one of those girls who left for spiritual communities in the middle of nowhere and finished in the grip of a serial killer. But I was raised in the 80s… Yes, I had some adventures in this field of hippy culture. And I have met gurus, and wannabes. I had to flee from friends, who used cocaine, and whisky, and they lost his mind to the point they could not remember me the day after we met, like it was a long time we didn’t see each other. They were good guys, but what is the higher purpose of being kind at heart when your hobby is breaking parking machines on Saturday nights with the goal to go out in the newspapers? Or stealing radios from cars of other people like you that work on a small budget to pay for basic stuff. This kind of pseudo dreamers was not a bad loss. I didn’t grieve for long. But it was my whole world at 22. Back to the future: I was 33 in a night shift, in a D. hotel, this 22 guy tells me that smoking hashish feels like party. It helps you forgetting what is wrong in your life. How can you make it right then if you practice running from hardships? What you practice is what you succeed. Can you afford good sport shoes? What does being *spiritually awakened* means to you?

ps. if you are curious check the true story of Osho…. he was an Indian guru that left for Oregon with a New Community. Once there, things got very far ….from the original plan. There is a shady story that will remind you of Covid spread at the very beginning.

Check “salmonella in Dalles, Oregon, 1984”. The largest bioterrorist attack in United States history had begun.

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