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Announcement : new cinematic logo READY!

“God, bless the broken road that led me straight to you” @gilending @warriorquestusa @mel_melly_mel

In the aftermath of horrific events, I do not have much to say (liar!!!,) one thing is iron, I will NEVER stop being creative and I am just started….. it’s FOUR years now that I keep tagging “Afghanistan” so leave me alone. On tenth January 2015 I went through a major event that led me to break down and life choices. In a few minutes I had to come to terms within myself and my being here on this Earth. I didn’t know much about life missions or what was my purpose yet. I thought that calls or calling was reserved to servicemen in fact when I was a young girl I was wondering if I could take the career. But I have a rebel character, I would not make it. Is there any other way of being of service today? We are all in this together. There is not “fault” nor “blaming” just taking responsability for ourselves and helping each other. That’s what is all about. I hope you enjoy my last digital creation made with Visual Master from Sri Lanka.

#ptsdstoriesmatter #ptsdmyjourneyofselfdiscovery #warriorquestusa #soulquestchurchofmotherearth #partnership #parisiansparkle #warriorquestusa #partnership

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