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AAA – Sponsorship Wanted – Make Your Best Offer and Gimme the Fun.

Do you run any companies that could MATCH with my creativity and purpose? Await for your best ideas and offers.

Antonella Barberini Project Manager

If you like what I do and you want to help me GROW and FIND sponsorships you are LOVED !!!!

As independent author and writer I am self-financed. Behind Parisian Sparkle, there is a brand just started, and a website that needs SEO and visibility.

My 500 followers count !!!!!! Except I do not count them. I consider my subscribers as friends. Or I admit many of them just want to sell me some stuff I don’t need.

My goals are simple:

spreading the message around PTSD and I know my public !!!!!
TBF I am not a professional of health care and never will be. My creativity, my journey and empathic ear (heart) is all I can give you.

If you want to help me, just DM.

I know that sponsorships WANT KILLIONS of followers. But I am optimist. I need a sponsor that matches FUN with a GOOD CAUSE. Gimme the fun.


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