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Victimhood Will Not Set You Free, Afghan Girl.

Journalism is making me very angry. Once more, I need a break from news and social media. Let me just say this, you are not doing a favour to the Afghan women and you are not giving justice to your sisters or cousins either. All the Afrikaans that I have been working with in France are …..working !!! They raise children and marry and …work !!! They help people in Africa as they can. We are not especially rich or priviledged people. My mother as my grandmother have been raised in a patriarchy where women would better SHUT UP than talk during meals. We didn’t get any power in politics talk until 70s. What are we talking about? Should I mention the showgirls of Berlusconi’s bunga bunga? I, myself, was born in 1974. The year of divorce !!! This new invasion of refugees suck !!!!! Your missions in Middle Eastern suck !!!! 9/11 will be a good day to celebrate your false flags. I won’t miss it.

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