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How anti-hero Deadpool helped Celine Dion rising from Ashes.

The story behind Celine Dion singing for Deadpool 2.

To be frank I am not a fan of Deadpool warped humor. I find it violent, and disgusting. It also give you the idea that all girls in US do blow job in the toilets. Uh !!! What an enlightened culture with values that you are selling to the rest of the world, the movie industry.

What I like in Deadpool is the anti-hero and the posture (he is incredibly expressive, it moves to compassion. When I look at him, I want to hug him right now like you would with a pussy cat or a teddy bear!!!!).

I also love this fact that he breaks the “fourth wall”. It happens each time he “breaks rules” and speaks to the camera. He knows that you are there watching 😉

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Well, I invite you to watch Celine video with Deadpool dancing on high heels. Very contemporary.

What I like most in this story is that Celine was invited by Reynolds-Deadpool to sing the song that saved her from deep depression while she was in grief with her husband.

All the world was watching too. Pressure came from the press …. can you imagine? We need to be left alone when we are not feeling okay, especially after a loss. We need that sacred space.

The story behind this song is a reminder of the healing power of art and creativity. And unconditional love.

Leave you here.

Picture: The golden shimmering armor of Celine Dion was created by Thierry Mugler. Sparkling piece of art inspired to Wonder Woman.

Celine Dion on Twitter: "Live life by the golden rule ✨ // Vivez la vie en  respectant la règle d'or ✨ - Team Céline #Courage #sunday #MuglerArchives  Styled by Pepe Munoz &
Celine Dion


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