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Self-pity: Refugees and Afghanistan Withdrawal.

This post could hurt someone. Deal with it.

Shall I comment this? Sure.

The same charity that i mentioned in one of my videos is BEGGING now for money to help Afghan refugees and Americans?

Are you KIDDING me????

Let me sum up the TWENTY past years: you (together with all United Nations) INVADE a country, that you define BACKWARD in time…. like you were in 1865… with some sort of FALSE FLAG or EXCUSE…. you OCCUPY them.

Your goveernement send thousands of SOLDIERS to make it right pushing out their anger and evil to kill these people that FINALLY take their own rules back (and in their press conference SMASH IT showing that they FORGIVE YOU that sounds pretty CRISTIAN as value ??).

And now you want US to pay for your DEFEAT and consequences of your WITHDRAWAL? (Vietnam II the revenge)

Please, America, redefine your values.

Master Chief John Urgayle : [quoting “Self-Pity” by D.H. Lawrence] I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

GI Jane movie (1997)

The times of WE ARE THE WORLD are gone so far !!!!!!!! I don’t TRUST you anymore. You know what, in 40 years I have grown up, ma’am! Can you say the same?


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