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Chronic Stress and Digestive Issue? I Feel You.

If you suffer with digestive issues, I FEEL you. Lately my belly is like I was pregnant 3 months. Sure, this is a struggle of my entire life. I somatize my emotional status and I feel angry. I am angry for all the bull shits that we are told daily in media and at workplace. Yep.. I am angry with my neighbours that have broken their walls without considering that I was living above their head. Now they have to wait for ending these works and I can HEAR them all the time. If you hear a baby wining in the videos it’s not mine.

As a sensitive person I need my peace of mind. Silence. Calm. Borders between people (therefore neighbours) are essential for my wellbeing.

BTW I am asking Mother Nature to help me with this “pregnant belly” and I am trying two new ways of taking natural products: fennel (dry extrait) and ficus carica (drops).

I am also drinking water with those mixtures of natural ingredients and I had to change my habits with eating.

One of these bad habits is eating fast without paying attention on what you are eating. As you can see, sometimes I need to remind myself to …be mindful!!!!

Last advice, coal, at first I thought it was a cool remedy for gas absorbing but the fact is it absorbs the bad and the good. I am realizing that I am using a toothpaste with coal. Maybe I have to double check this. I wish we had a better mint … my mint could not develop in France this summer due to lack of sunshine. Mint helps a lot with digestive system. Maroccoans do it better with their mint tea. Well done.


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