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Free Yourself, Afghan Girl.

Only luckiest WILL do it. Really? It sounds familiar. I am working from the age 13. I paid my studies until 18 and worked, worked, worked.

It’s true for the afghan girl, it’s true for our society. Nobody taught me to self defense, I was bullied at school and I was renowned to be a tomboy. Friends betrayed me, abused me and so what? My aunt hated men and taught me to hate men. She influenced me badly. The core of her teaching was to be independent. She knew the value of being financially independent. It is hard work and sacrifices. Western world took centuries to free women (whatever FREE means for you). Women need to FREE THEMSELVES on their own. Please, no self pity for the afghan women. They are stronger then YOU and unfortunately THEY also think. Give them a chance.

Check the story of Sara Barackzay, she has won awards for her work on topics such as peace, war and women’s rights. Photograph(above): Courtesy of Sara Barackzay. Victimhood is a means to justify wars like #korengalvalley #korengaloutpost #korengalvalleyafghanistan

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