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Macron Speech on Afghanistan Exodus.

Today I received a message from my Italian friend. “What a waste of lives”. It was her comment. In reply to Macron speech I would like to copy paste the talk that I have shared with a hero from a tour 2005-2006.

His name has been changed, but he allowed me to publish his photo. If it happens that you are curious about what is his thought about his deployment in Afghan, I invite you to surf Amazon and find me as Diana White, you can type PTSD and author’s name. Bingo!

The saddest part of the story is that since we had that talk we almost lost touch. I won’t judge his behaviour (trust issue is a PTSD). That’s not his fault, I can’t do anything about it. I appreciate his open up with me about taboo topics. He has been there for me when my world crumbled. He’s been through a lot.

That’s how it is.

Macron speech was very funny. Now they found a new excuse for immigration flow. New fear on the way.

“I always found it odd that there’s no mention at all in France of its Afghanistan veterans.”

“Because France doesn’t care about her soldiers.”

Talking with Brice, an exclusive interview with a French Sniper, from “PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I Met Along the Way” by Diana White

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