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Mysticism of Normal Life: 3D or 5D? Which way?

What if.. psychology, mythology, philosophy, neuroscience (psychiatry) were all pieces of the same puzzle? Just different points of view. Different angles of the same apple that you are painting lol

In ancient times it was the domain of druidism, mysticism, ellenism, shamanic totemism and symbolism ( in the middle age we had various “Bestiario” for animal symbolism, in Europe, you can find some original in Mont Saint Michel or monasteries, abbayes… ).

bestiario di Aberdeen
TurismArte: Bestiario Medievale

Back to Greek !!

Pythagora invented not only the numbers that we are using daily, he was a renowned astrologer who had the knowledge to guide men and women in their life mission, destiny and soul path.

If you are not used to these terms you might think at it as **witchcraft**. Well, you can rewire your mind anytime. This is a big time for change. The choice is between 3D or 5D.

The 3D dimension is this: you go to school (totally useless for the person that you really want to become, school teaches you how to conform and fit in), you work (probably a job that makes the worse version of you), you get married and you have children (because it’s what you are supposed to do), you get old and sick (wow), and you die !!!

Lovely perspective for a Man and a Woman !!!!! 😀

Animali reali e fantastici nei libri antichi - Museo Regionale di Scienze  Naturali
Hey, folks, I would rather be a mythological creature than a middle-aged woman in 3D!!!!!

Then there is this thing of Ascension ???? 5D
TBF I dunno much about it, but if there is any chance that Ufo Crash 1947 was a sign, I am ready to. Any new perspective would sound BETTER than 3D.

If you want more, you are served …check the scientific evidence of #spiritualawakening in my blog. It’s one of most succesful posts until now. If you are reading here just click this link.

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