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Golden and Fallen Angels: Robin Williams and the Dead Poets Society phenomenon.

This movie came out in 1989, I can’t believe it!

In a certain way, I am still that teenager eager to study the great mysteries of life.

At 15, I did not have a clou about what I would become (not much has changed?), I had been kissed a very few times, and I assumed there was more to explore that I probably still have to (there is hope).

But one thing I knew, while I was watching this movie until exhaustion, I wanted to be an agent of change.

The 1989 might remind you of great change in the Western/Eastern European world. That era left youth traumatised. I can see that in my German co-workers and friends.

Italians have a feeling with Germans that is true. Yet I have learned that we all have bias about foreign cultures. And we know so little about other people have been through.

I hope this publication reach my 14 yo subscribers who question themselves about their future. Check your streaming channel (pay!!) and DM me if you feel this soul urge.

Poetry is our last saviour.

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.

Nell x


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