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Home » Dar-ker Redemption Song. A poem by Diana White (ode to the Byronic Hero).

Dar-ker Redemption Song. A poem by Diana White (ode to the Byronic Hero).

A Byronic hero is a type of fictional character who is a moody, brooding rebel, often one haunted by a dark secret from his past. Byronic heroes are arrogant, intelligent, educated outcasts, who somehow balance their cynicism and self-destructive tendencies with a mysterious magnetism and attraction, particularly for heroines. Elements of the Byronic hero: – a distaste for social institutions and social norms – conficting emotions and moodiness – high level of intelligence and cunning – self-criticism – mysterious origins and a troubled past – self-destructive tendencies – a loner, rejected from society In case you did not get it, I was extremely drawn to Byronic heroes in the past. I know them by heart, I have shed tears on beautiful souls trapped in their brooding. I was a perfect heroine to be saved. Until I learned to be alone and safe. Just content to be myself in dark and light shadows. There is no love flowing in their veins, just toxic poison. Redemption can happen only if their ego dies looking in their mirror. Like Medusa, the Gorgone, in the myth of Perseus. Where her head’s snakes give birth to coral which has got healing power. Only Byronic heroes do not like happy endings. Myth, like Walt Disney, does. Good luck.

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