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The Moral Injury Nobody Talks about.

Recovery happens, in my view, only in community. Peers are the key to recovery. Professionals like me are there to learn from veterans. It’s the veteran himself healing each-others.

Jonathan Shay

Tbf I didn’t know this story about dogs at war. I have cried. I am a woman 😉 and love dogs when they do not bark against me. Why dogs bark when they want cuddles? I can’t get it?!

I have already heard about Jonathan Shay instead. His work inspired me with philosophical approach to PTSD, it goes without saying.

His major work is quoted in my book, Achilles in Vietnam, and I loved his Ted conference which opened my eyes about military mental injuries.

Today I am focused on moral injuries. And I am in “those days” when a woman is already bleeding …yeah, taboo -to- taboo.

No prank, a woman can naturally bleeding once a month and you still insist to sabotage yourself, as “wimpy, girly”, when you can take it anymore. Thank you, guys, very much.

Relax, guys. They might invent nappies for men soon. They already do for dogs.

Maybe you like comics more than reading books and watching movies with Byronic heroes.


Guys, I don’t like the term pf PTSD, I really prefer to talk about Psychological Injuries.

Jonathan Shay

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