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The Dark Night of the Soul.

Have been investigating this “dark night” in last five years. Today I am glad to share what I have understood on an intellectual level. But furthermore on a mystical (based on experience) and intuitive level.

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A Dark Night happens to bring you to life when you are so far a distance from yourself, and your soul can’t reach fresh air and sunshine from the bottom of abyss. The Dark Night of the Soul leads you through the desert of relationships to get rid off toxic people and bring you back to life.

It’s a rebirth when you accept it! But it’s very tense. Many stories in the myth talk about the descent to hell and rebirth/transformation. One is the descent of Ishtar (or Inanna) and Orpheus and Eurydice.

Orpheus and Eurydice | History Today
Orpheus and Eurydice

The descent of Goddess Inanna
  • This myth is about the meeting of the Queen of Heaven with her sister, Queen of the Underworld. It is a story about meeting the dark, shadow side of oneself.
  • This is a story of the original duality, the Gemini story of our ‘other half’.

Astrologer and author Melanie Reinhart writes:-
“Inanna’s descent represents the supreme wisdom of the feminine journey – she goes down to the place of grief, accepting the mourning that inevitably goes with the loss of our illusions about someone, or indeed about ourselves.”

Goddess of the Underworld

The goddesses of the underworld are powerfully insightful and understand the deep waters of the unconscious, the complexity of feelings, the power of mystery and magic and the uncertainty of life.

These goddesses may reveal themselves through a healing crisis, the psychic senses, loss, betrayal or a myriad of other mysteries that arise in our lives. Hygieia, Cassandra, Hecate and Medea are the four goddesses who plunge the depths of the unconscious realm.

Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld – Healing Stars

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