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Find my New Campaign on Social Media.

The author of this blog and book (link down below).

Hi I am Antonella – Nell in the story, and Diana White is my pen name.

This is my New Campaign running on social media like Facebook and Instagram. I am at very start and I need some help.

As author I am indipendent and not sponsored. I don’t do affiliations. But I have a partnership with a spiritual healing retreat in Orlando, Florida.

This group of people is awesome. One of my best friends is volunteering there. Synchronicity?

Find more about the author here and Warrior Quest Usa here.

Now, if you want to contribute to my work you can:

  • Buy my book (I would suggest you the paper book format to honor books and fund the good cause!).
  • Read the book… and write a review on Amazon.
  • Join me on social media. I have two accounts on Instagram: @parisiansparkle_by_dianawhite for those really into the book and @wonderwarrior74 for more “fun” on mental health 🙂 yes, fun is part of the recovery journey.
  • Diana White has now HER own page on Facebook Diana White | Facebook
  • Once you get on my social media you can repost or share my campaign post which is already very appreciated.

Thank you dear, Mrs WHITE knows how to be grateful. Not in a naughty mode here;)

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