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A real rebirth: French terror attacks November 13.

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By Cécile BouanchaudPosted November 12, 2017 at 5:38 p.m. – Updated November 13, 2017 at 10:32 a.m.

In front of the Bataclan, a sign from the City of Paris to pay tribute to the victims of November 13th.
In front of the Bataclan, a sign from the City of Paris to pay tribute to the victims of November 13th. JOEL SAGET / AFP

They were graphic designer, web designer, audiovisual director, in charge of luxury communications… Thirty-year-olds, they had their lives ahead of them, pushing back the question that everyone may have to ask themselves one day: do I agree with my professional situation ? They preferred to “compose” with a job that was not always “the one you dream of as a child”, and took advantage of life in Paris, where they had left their luggage, after their studies in other big cities. November 13, 2015 has been there. The attacks have awakened with acuity, sometimes with a certain violence, this question of the interest of their work, which crosses a generation of over-educated young people in search of meaning .

“What value does work take when we realize that everything can stop overnight? “, Summarizes Caroline Langlade, the former president of the association Life for Paris, which reveals ” that nearly a third of the survivors have not returned to work or are retraining “ .

“The things that I adored in my job have become obstacles, like the management of ego, a certain futility”

Two years after the Paris and Saint-Denis attacks, some are still unemployed, others are taking training or starting a new professional adventure: luthier, pastry chef, bar manager, hospital clown, sophrologist …

Uneasiness at the idea of ​​resuming one’s “life before”

For everyone, it was first necessary to face the facts: the relationship to work, “therefore to life”, would never be the same again. “It is characteristic of any traumatic event: there is a before and an after”, comments François Ducrocq, psychiatrist at the regional university hospital of Lille (North), who has often observed “a modification of fundamental beliefs” during ‘post-traumatic stress.

Antoine Pelissolo, doctor of medicine, head of department in the psychiatry center of the Henri-Mondor university hospital center (CHU), in Créteil (Val-de-Marne), specialist in anxiety disorders, evokes “an existential questioning” .

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