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Jacob and Highly Sensitive People.

*sensitiveness, alright !!


I was in Paris, entering the Saint Sulpice. This cathedral is renowned thanks to Da Vinci Code. It’s quite esotheric. Last time I entered the main door on the right, I found myself standing in front of a giant painting, uh, who was that man fighting against an angel? “Jacob wrestling with the angel”, by Eugene Delacroix, I read. I dunno, it reminded me of Saint Michael. Meaning is not far: can you keep your instincts under control?? Is this Jacob’s way meaning?

Now a few facts about America:

1. Americans do not like emotional outbursts especially at workplace (put on a happy face, right? I know what I am talking about.

2. The evidence of that is your gun safety affair… you just shot the gun and that’s it!!!

Back to Jacob:

I am reading this Fabrice Midal who quotes the four steps I am labeling in the meme. He is teaching meditation in France. This book is about highly sensitiveness. It’s my third book about this topic. He is adding some nice stories. One is about Jacob and his brother. Jacob is the more sensitive, he leaves home, he thrives with his shepard’s business, build up a family, and when he comes back home to see his brother, a Rambo-alike type, whom was quite the opposite character, Jacob offers him a present. His brother is bluffed.

The Talmud asks, “Who is powerful?” It answers, “One who conquers his own impulse.” Jacob’s ability to control his own drives, to manipulate the present in order to thrive in the future, his ability to restrain himself now in order to benefit later, is profoundly out of touch with mainstream American values.

This is the so-called path of empowered empath.

Question: can America accept her own vulnerability without labeling as wimpy who is no-violent?

Suis-je hypersensible?

Just a dedication to France from an Italian expat who feels just a “citizen on Planet Earth”. It’s tense times, it’s dark times on a collective level. Please, light up candles like I am doing EVERY DAY. Amen x


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