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Memory Loss and Cats Spiritual Symbolism.

Munkustrap is the best cat 😉

My neighbours are just left on holidays. So did other French families. That means abandoned cats all over. Sad, I know. But now I found my good company. This week was huge in cats energy. As community, my French village is rich in “entreaide”, helping each other. So, I finally subscribed the Facebook page. It’s 13 years now that I live here and, despite all troubles, and ordeals, broken relationships, the French village (tribe community) has been a good motivation to stay and hold on tight.

Yes, I love it here. It does feel lonesome sometimes.

Then I guess it’s worthless complaining about the new neighbours breaking walls and crying babies or barking dogs, right? A good French would !!!!

Becoming Frenchy 🙂

Memory Loss.

Memory loss is one of core topics I deal with in the storybook.

Twice in a lifetime I have been experiencing a memory loss, dissociation, depersonalisation (is this French term?), in short, a soul loss. This event comes after trauma or due to meds prescription like antidepressors and anxiety pills or drops. Yes, chemical cocktails.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a conversation or DM to

Awaiting for your reviews (yeah, I am still thrilled by the book launch ain’t I?)

If you wonder which wisdom symbolism hides behind the magical cats that surround our homes, I am glad to include one of my first articles about good omens and signs.

All the photos of cats are owned by author in Creative Common License 3.0. No commercial use. Personal use only.

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