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Depression or… Soul Retrieval?

Depression is more common after soul loss, as a person is literally dispirited, missing a part of him- or herself. This can lead to issues with addiction, looking to outside substances or activities to fill a sense of emptiness and loss; but this does not satisfy the craving, since what is missing is a part of one’s spiritual essence.  Addictions can also cause soul loss, as they severely tax one’s body and leave it vulnerable to more trauma. Other people report physical symptoms like autoimmune issues. Some report memory loss. Anxiety is common.


Shamanic cultures address soul loss through a process called soul retrieval. Shamanic practitioners enter into an altered state where they can perceive what’s happening on the energetic level. They seek out the disconnected parts of a client’s essence and bring them home. With the returning parts often comes a sense of wholeness, and even specific qualities that were lost or muted since the time when the trauma occurred. As with all shamanic work, the practitioner works closely with spiritual help. Soul retrieval focuses on the return of the client’s natural resources, the gifts they came into the world with, not on having to relive or review past traumas. A soul retrieval helps to reunite a person with parts of themselves that they may have been disconnected from since childhood, allowing a fullness and a reclaiming of power that often translates into a new perspective on their current life, a fuller realization of innate gifts, and better relationships with others.

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